Wings Take Flight

See me for who I am
Not who you wish me to be

Help me discover myself
And what makes me strong

Support me in achieving my dreams
And celebrate each small step I take towards them

Teach me to pick myself up
At times when life throws me challenges

Remind me to be kind and compassionate to myself
So I can heal

Encourage me to explore and try
While you are around to keep me safe

Train me to fight my own battles
To speak my own truth

Listen to me
As I find my own voice

Show me love
Unconditional and pure

Judge me not
As yours is not the only way

Choose your words carefully
For they may become my inner voice

Inspire me with your perspectives and choices
For it is you whom I observe

Live your own life to its fullest
For you only have today

Have faith in yourself as my guardian
And I too will have faith in me

Give flight to my wings
As I live my destiny

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