The Upside of Living in this Grey

Drawing connections for our children who will inherit this Earth. 

When we plead with our children to finish their food because somewhere in the world there are people starving, we often receive blank stares and some inkling there’s another conversation going on in their heads that goes like this:

“Here she goes again …. bla bla bla… ”

Living in this haze the past few weeks has given me the perfect opportunity to deal with the “R”s. To Remind, Reiterate, Reintroduce & Rant about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

“Did you know that if you keep buying stuff you don’t really need, from the (colorful hip-stationery store-that’s at every mall on this island), you’re indirectly contributing to this haze ?!” Now that definitely got their attention. “What do you mean?!”

There’s enough material out there on climate change, pollution, consumerism & its impact. I chose instead to exercise my own discretion and parental licence and concoct a story woven with facts and non-facts. While my audience is still young, I take advantage of the “mom (kinda – sorta) knows everything” privilege, I describe an intricate link between their favourite donut scented pencil from that (colorful hip-stationery store-that’s at every mall on this island) to mega factories, felling of trees, pollution, El Nino and palm oil plantations in Sumatra. I share photos of the devastation and suffering of the people living in these blazing communities. Eyes wide, ears perked, minds processing, connections are quickly being made. They look regretfully at that no longer innocent donut scented pencil.

I realize, of course, my days of stringing unrelated and unsubstantiated facts together to suit my own preaching & agenda are numbered.

I am waiting for that what’s app message from moms from school asking me to explain why her child says he can’t buy anything from this (colorful hip-stationery store-that’s at every mall on this island) because they are responsible for this haze. Or a legal letter suing me for libel.

For the moment though, I have made my point. Think before you buy. Consider what is a want versus a need. Children will inheirit this planet. They must be reminded of their responsibility. Will you contribute to the problem or decide to be part of the climate change solution. Even Pope Francis says so !

2 thoughts on “The Upside of Living in this Grey

  1. yoga2justdoit says:

    Lurve every line n descriptive you craft about exercising our parental license to our impressible kids! Can almost a scene of you doing it to Z, H or A at the threshold of that colourful hip stationery store that’s at every mall on this island!😜
    Write on Mommy Pal!
    It’s been a joy of a ride as I cruise along the engaging plot that you unfold about your parenting adventures (& hopefully no misadventures) at Honeyjoys!

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