The Power and Mystic of Crystals

I could hear the sounds of stones or glass clinking together as our daughter approached me with a request, “Mom can I bring a crystal to school today? It will stay in my pocket. I promise I will bring it home.” She held out a polished amethyst in her hand.

The healing and protective influence of crystals has long been recognised in the realm of alternative therapy. While there is no scientific evidence, for thousands of years, ancient civilisations have embraced the power of crystals in healing and for enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual balance. While there is that wonderful mystical quality about them, crystals are also part of our everyday lives. They are the quartz that powers our watches, liquid crystal devices (LCD) or diamonds that adorn jewelry or used as abrasives.

My relationship with crystals has been about reconnecting with intuition and the child in me. I once believed in magic and fairies. I marvelled at how rocks and the Earth were formed. Colours fascinated me. I was curious child. I remember when I held the first crystal in my hands as an adult. I was overwhelmed with emotional sensation and my mind filled with admiration of this magnificent creation of Mother Nature. I then spent many months researching, reading and talking to friends who shared the same interest. Years later however, I find myself returning less my research notes. Instead I tune into my inner child and my heart. I listen out for thoughts or feelings that arise, as I gaze upon it, touching its surface, feeling its energy or simply lose myself in admiration of its magnificence. For significance and meaning does not always have to arise from rational mind.

Crystals fascinate boys and girls, both young and old. In their presence eyes light up, brows furrow with inquisitiveness, fingers reach out and conversations begin. People linger and connect. Crystals ignite insight, intuition and communication. For that, they are powerful.

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