Parent Sphere

Connecting Parents through Conversation.

A monthly dialogue session for parents (and non-parents), where we share our stories and tips towards nurturing loving, connected and compassionate relationships.  As a mother of three, being connected with family, friends and like-minded people have helped me tremendously in my journey as a parent. Through Parent Sphere I aim to grow and empower this community through sharing experiences and offering each other support in our roles.


A fun evening of board and card games that will: 

– unlock levels of self-discovery
– encourage thoughtful conversations and
– explore emotional perspectives

Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017
At: 56 Trevose Crescent, The Trevose Function Room
(nearest MRT: Stevens)
Time: 7:45 – 9:30 PM
Cost: $10 per person
Seats are limited. Register now via email:
3 OCTOBER 2017
We discuss Digital Device Distraction at PARENT SPHERE
Has increasing screen time meant diminshing interaction in your home?
Are we as parents modeling the behaviour that we expect from our child?
Together let’s explore realistic boundaries, share tips and implementable strategies for digital device discipline for ourselves, family and home.
Date: Tuesday 3 October 2017
Time: 8:00 – 9:30pm (Please arrive by 7:45pm)
Venue: Cairnhill Community Centre – Lecture Room 2 (#02-03)
1 Anthony Road, Singapore 229944  (Newton MRT)
Cost: $20 and invite a friend for free

SAVE THE NEXT DATES IN 2017 – 3 October, 14 November

Topics:  Time for Me,  Are you Labelling or Empowering? Encouraging Independence, Letting your Child Lead, Gratitude, Family Mission statements, Happiness at Home, Active & Compassionate Listening, Embrace Differences – Acceptance to Advocacy and more…

“It takes a village to raise a child” – African Proverb

What people say about Parent Sphere

Active and compassionate listening…what an insightful session. In this busy world we all have an issue with listening….not just as parents but with people we come in contact with in our everyday life. Zerlina led the session in a beautiful, humble and relaxed fashion. Mindfully, Carmel

In this busy, crazy world we live in, Parent Sphere session allowed me as a parent and wife,  to step back and examine what’s truly important and meaningful in my life.  Zerlina was excellent in gently leading us into the conscious zone and yet she managed to make the session interactive and fun. Each participant felt comfortable in sharing their thoughts and experiences. I walked away with an awareness that I have not felt in a long time.
Thank you Zerlina for inviting me to The Parent Sphere!  Karen N.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to meet up with other like-minded people in my parenting journey. Parent Sphere felt like such a protected and safe environment to “just be”. The content was excellent, but your personal examples and your encouragement for us to speak our hearts out was key. It was such a wonderful experience, and I do recommend it to anyone, new or seasoned parents.
I’m looking forward to attending monthly The Parent Sphere gatherings in 2017.  Ling S.

I attended Parent Sphere on Gratitude and came away thinking of how much I had learned in the session and how lovely it was to connect with other parents who face some of the same issues and challenges that I do. I enjoyed the discussion and have implemented some of the strategies Zerlina shared, with my son at home. We still do these every day and I really found them to be useful. Zerlina was a great facilitator allowing the discussion to organically develop but also to guide the participants when needed.
I am definitely going back for every one that I can attend.  Mallika K.

Thank you Zerlina for providing a space to connect and learn with other parents, to feel that we are not alone in this journey. Having this opportunity to slow down, to be in touch with ourselves and share experiences with more parents has made me feel more encouraged in my parent journey and grateful to be here.
I’m looking forward for our next Parent Sphere gathering! Cynthia R.