The Now. A celebration of Presence

“Happy New Year!” greetings sound out as we recount 2016 and encounter expectations for the year to come. Conversations are peppered with laughter and sighs alike as we reminisce about the days gone and contemplate what lies ahead.

The start of each year is often greeted with mixed emotions. Unfinished goals from the year just gone, excitement and anticipation of a clean slate ahead, of dreams anxious to be fulfilled. At moments like these, I catch myself and consider how futile it is to linger in the past or long for the future. As time passes at warp speed, I seek to embrace life for its present moments.

Big steps
Little steps
Big wins
Little wins

Each is progress
Each is growth
Each to be celebrated

Steps forward
Steps backward
Standing still
No steps

Choices made
For reasons
Some unknown to us
Yet to be revealed

Day by day
Week by week
Month by month
Year by year

Each hour
Each minute
Each second
Made up of many present moments


Embrace fleeting time
Draw inspiration
Cherish the now

The now is a gift
Our presence
A celebration
Of the gift to create
A moment to remember
A foundation for greater deeds

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