“Who would have thoughts that calmness and mental focus could be achieved so simply, by devoting as little as 5-10 minutes each day. ”  

My daughter and I took a 6 session personalised mindfulness course with Zerlina and found it extremely enlightening. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to both adults and to children. It will definitely serve as a life changing tool for children as they grow and journey through life’s complexities and everyday stresses. Mindfulness has introduced a completely new way of looking at things. It has taught us to live more in the moment, to worry less, and to enjoy and appreciate the little things that we might miss out when our brains are occupied in a myriad of busyness and rushing around.
I found the mindful practice of “loving kindness” to oneself especially important, as I know of many who are really too hard on themselves and on their loved ones. Being kind and compassionate to oneself and others is enabling us as a family to see the benefits of building closer and more understanding relationships.
Who would have thought that calmness and mental focus could be achieved so simply, by devoting as little as 5 to 10 minutes each day! Thank you Zerlina.
– S.L.HO

I attended the Mindfulness for Families Workshop with my husband and two primary school-going kids.  Mallika and Zerlina are fantastic educators and facilitators – besides imparting some helpful and practical tips that we can adopt on a daily basis, they kept the session refreshing and interactive, engaging the audience through media and hands-on activities. We left feeling more confident that we could introduce some positive change to the way we raise our children, and invite more calmness and focus in the house. It’s certainly not going to be overnight, but we are optimistic the skills can better help all of us deal with stress in the years to come!
– L.Y.L.

Always for me the importance is to come away from a workshop with real tools that I can use, not just words and that is what I feel I have received. Thank you. Some good intentions set.

Grateful for the easy to do strategies & steps in practicing mindfulness. It is a simple action but a big word. This workshop has helped break it down into doable steps.
– A.L.

Really opened up my mind about the practical side of mindfulness and how it can help in daily life. – S.I.

My kids enjoyed the workshop and I am sure they (and I) will find these tools of immense use in our daily lives. So, thank you.

In a stressful environment like Singapore, whether as parents, individuals or children learning to take time for mindful moments is important for one’s emotional wellbeing. Thank you for arming me with the tools. – E. YEO

Mallika is an amazing storyteller. Zerlina is a brilliant presenter. Very professional. Well done!! Never stop doing this workshop.

Thanks for giving me the motivation to get started with meditation and mindfulness at home with my kids.

Some great techniques to use at home and for myself. A really important workshop as I don’t spend nearly enough time being present in the moment and being appreciative for what I have. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I like that the workshop gave strategies and tools to begin the mindfulness journey. The actual meditation part made me feel like it is very do-able for me and my kids.

Very easy to follow and understand. A great introduction to mindfulness and meditation.
– A. LIM

Even as a non-parent I found this informative and applicable for myself in work/life situations.

Very good workshop with great tools to use immediately.
– B. TEO

Excellent workshop! I felt that you both provided very useful techniques which I can apply to my family at home.

The session reinforced the advantages and benefits of meditation. Of course what makes this different from other meditation courses is the concept of mindfulness meditation, especially on emotional regulation.
– S. NG

It’s great to walk away with some simple and easy to remember strategies for use with children and on a personal level. It’s also helpful for ideas to bring mindfulness practices into the classroom. Thank you.

I have learnt many new techniques to do things mindfulness and to help me focus more. Ive learnt many ways to calm myself and hopefully to calm my kids.
– S.C.

Good mix of parenting and activities to keep us engaged. The material was helpful and easy enough to try with kids. Definitely inspired to be more present and to connect deeper with my kids.
– S.SU