Listening to confirm what my heart speaks Communicating with spaces in between words open to interpretation Observing to complement what my eyes see Walking taking a moment before each step Breathing like there is nothing else that I need to do I exist in this cloud of serenity withdrawn from a thoughtless race I am [...]


Recognising when I need self love.  I have lost count of the number of times I have found myself bent over a snoring child, in the darkness of a quiet bedroom, showering her face with butterfly kisses while tears stream down my face. My heart filled with regret after a day that I have been [...]

Softer around the edges

A reluctant change brings an unexpected result .  I live with a mini me. She is unashamedly goal orientated, organised, fiercely independent, easily annoyed by inefficiency and sticks to what she does well. This child came into our lives preloaded with a whole bunch of software that is ideal for a schooling and learning environment that [...]

Protected by a Hulk

Dedicated to all those spirited and fiercely passionate beings.  I feel blessed to have the wisdom and capacity to sit in quiet detachment, observe and listen when my child is crying hysterically or yelling uncontrollably.  When they were babies, I would deliberately let them cry. At least cry for long enough to tune into what they [...]