Summer is here!

Striving to Love without condition Support without expectation Dream without promise Only expressing hope in quiet daily prayers Days brim with New knowledge Unfamiliar challenges Different experiences Gripping with each step Summoning patience Cheerleading with enthusiasm We are not there …. yet There is always more to overcome to accomplish to do We seem to … Continue reading Summer is here!

Fighting the Demon that Rises during Homework Watch

I sit in silence Duct tape over my mouth An invisible hand resting over my quickening heart Taking deep and deliberate breaths Trying hard to unclench my jaws Releasing my strained temples Softening the gaze of my enlarged eyes Unfurling my pleated brow An observer of procrastination I stop the words that are clamouring up … Continue reading Fighting the Demon that Rises during Homework Watch

The Now. A celebration of Presence

“Happy New Year!” greetings sound out as we recount 2016 and encounter expectations for the year to come. Conversations are peppered with laughter and sighs alike as we reminisce about the days gone and contemplate what lies ahead. The start of each year is often greeted with mixed emotions. Unfinished goals from the year just … Continue reading The Now. A celebration of Presence

Magical Journeys: from Mayhem to Mindfulness

At 8 o’clock in the evening, I can be seen herding my three children up the stairs to their bedroom with enough enthusiasm to match a team of bouncy cheerleaders on the sidelines of a premiership game: “C’mon girls! Let’s Go! Go! Go!” We race up the stairs together—“Last one to the room has to turn off the lights!” Squealing … Continue reading Magical Journeys: from Mayhem to Mindfulness


Written together with my children. Laughter starts with a giggle. Laughter is noise added to a smile. Laughter is living in the moment. Laughter is spontaneous. Laughter is impulsive. Laughter is real. Laughter is authentic. Laughter is sharing love. Laughter relaxes. Laughter is playful. Laughter is pure delight. Laughter is loud. Laughter is liberating. Laughter … Continue reading LAUGHTER