Listening to confirm what my heart speaks Communicating with spaces in between words open to interpretation Observing to complement what my eyes see Walking taking a moment before each step Breathing like there is nothing else that I need to do I exist in this cloud of serenity withdrawn from a thoughtless race I am [...]

Summer is here!

Striving to Love without condition Support without expectation Dream without promise Only expressing hope in quiet daily prayers Days brim with New knowledge Unfamiliar challenges Different experiences Gripping with each step Summoning patience Cheerleading with enthusiasm We are not there …. yet There is always more to overcome to accomplish to do We seem to [...]


What does it mean? A chasm exists from where I am To where I want to be Vast with fear Wide with what-ifs Seemingly insurmountable Acceptance brandishes courage Imposes upon time Pleads forgiveness Implores non-judgement Articulates self-love Acceptance challenges beliefs Rocks foundations Shifts paradigms Reframes boundaries Manifests transformation Acceptance Is not resignation Is not surrender nor [...]

Attitude … a Cry for Attention

Unraveling the vulnerability that lies beneath tantrums. I have just been struck with a disrespectful, piercing one liner that stuns me immobile for a few seconds. My jaw drops, my eyes blink, I am aghast. Too slow to react or subconsciously choosing not to respond, I have no comeback. I close my mouth, take a [...]

Magical Journeys

From Mayhem to Mindfulness.    At 8 o’clock in the evening, I can be heard herding our children up the stairs to their bedroom with an enthusiasm to match a team of bouncy cheerleaders on the sidelines of a premiership game – “C’mon girls! Let’s GO! GO! GO!” We race up the stairs together – [...]

Making the Lifesaver Redundant

Staying strong amidst waves of discontent I cannot count the number of times I have made threats or laid down ultimatums that I am downright convinced I will follow through on. Yet as our children appear to be drowning in the ocean of misconduct, heading straight towards tragedy of consequence, the lifesaver in me is awakened. [...]


Recognising when I need self love.  I have lost count of the number of times I have found myself bent over a snoring child, in the darkness of a quiet bedroom, showering her face with butterfly kisses while tears stream down my face. My heart filled with regret after a day that I have been [...]

Protected by a Hulk

Dedicated to all those spirited and fiercely passionate beings.  I feel blessed to have the wisdom and capacity to sit in quiet detachment, observe and listen when my child is crying hysterically or yelling uncontrollably.  When they were babies, I would deliberately let them cry. At least cry for long enough to tune into what they [...]