Not so long ago…

Snowflake lips fall on marshmallow cheeks
Intoxicated by an indescribable perfume
I lay you down, preciously

With the kindest smile upon my face
A melting heart within
Profound gratitude radiates

I quietly close the door
Giving you space
To dream
And slumber

“Off you go!”
“C’mon, hurry up!”
“Do you know what time it is?”

My energy, harassed
My breath, harried
My voice, harsh

Hassled into bed
A blanket lands briskly over you
Heavy kisses almost bruise your cheeks

Perfunctory prayers, mumbled
Habitual hugs, exchanged
A rushed wish “good night!”
Profound relief radiates

I close the door, too quickly
Giving me time to escape
And you, respite

How we forget
How we neglect

May we always remember
To take time
For the love that keeps us together.

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