Written together with my children.

Laughter starts with a giggle.
Laughter is noise added to a smile.

Laughter is living in the moment.
Laughter is spontaneous.
Laughter is impulsive.
Laughter is real.
Laughter is authentic.
Laughter is sharing love.
Laughter relaxes.
Laughter is playful.
Laughter is pure delight.
Laughter is loud.
Laughter is liberating.
Laughter is uncontrollable.
Laughter is contagious.

Laughter can dissolve tension,
lighten spirits, break despair.

Laughter makes your shoulders shake.
Laughter makes your tummy feel fizzy.
Laughter makes you roll around the floor.
Laughter makes you want to pee.
Laughter makes you drool.
Laughter makes your cheeks hurt.
Laughter makes my whole body vibrate.
Laughter makes my eyes water.
Laughter makes my heart dance.
Laughter makes me clap.
Laughter makes me breathe more.

I feel happy.
I feel funny.
I feel warm inside.
I feel energised.
I feel like nothing else matters.
I feel I have nothing to be afraid of.
I feel understood.
I feel I have been able to share.
I feel unconscious, it doesn’t matter what other people think.
I feel like there is no sadness in the world.

Laughter is a reminder to come together,
To fill your happiness bucket,
To make joyful, forever memories.

Keep laughing!

The End

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