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Honeyjoys Soulful Parenting offers a perspective to parenting inspired by the belief that there is much joy, wisdom and energy to be gained from raising our children as individuals, and building a relationship with space for love, being motivated without ego.

Parenting from the soul explores a path that complements traditional values based parenting. Inherited styles of instructive, fear- or shame-based parenting that are prevalent in many cultures are often unsuccessful and damaging.

Acceptance, awareness, non-judgement and non-ego love are necessary in developing deeper, fulfilling, foundational parent-child relationship. By being present and listening, parents can more effectively set boundaries, guide and lead the next generation with the right values, thoughts and actions.

My Story

Zerlina Sim Life CoachAs a mother of three aged three and under, I drew inspiration and energy to love from what seemed like endless fun, laughter and new experiences. There seemed to be limitless magical moments exploring this exciting world together as a young family. In the tiniest of moments, joy proliferated.

Time passed, and the children began school. I soon became terribly distracted in juggling competing priorities. My hurried interactions with each child became more transactional, outcome-based and spiritually meaningless. Many quick fix “my way or the highway”, “do as I say, don’t ask why” approaches that worked on me as a child were increasingly ineffective and even destructive to my parent-child relationships.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my enthusiasm to inspire, guide and encourage my children to explore a magical world, as I once could when they were babies. There was little wonder left in me to share, only a creeping dissatisfaction. I often felt emotionally exhausted and frustrated, passing many days on auto-pilot in my job as homework supervisor, driver, time-keeper and logistic manager. I noticed a diminishing ability to feel gratitude or appreciation for what we had, for their individuality and for our family relationship.

My turning point was a decision. To take charge. To turn this negativity around. With a beginner’s mind, I began to observe, learn and refresh my perspectives, thoughts and actions. I began consciously pulling together experience in project management, managing teams and people, and my personal interests in neuroplasticity, human behaviour, mindfulness and coaching.

It continues to be a journey of self-care, love and discovery. Not only are children of today different, many parents of today are different too. And thankfully so. We live in a transformed world. It is time for us to awaken and evolve.


I began my career as a Chartered Accountant, making impact with roles in international finance and management consultancies in Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore. At the start of my career, my focus was the corporate ladder and getting ahead in the financial arena. Then came marriage and three beautiful children, with a shift in my priorities to family life.

It took me several years to realise my ardent commitment to personal growth, which I had practiced throughout adult life, was a unique skill that I could share with others. 

I am an Associate of the International Coach Federation (www.zerlinasim.com) and Mindful Schools educator. I am also Country Director and Partner of Potential Project Singapore (https://potentialproject.com), a leading global provider of corporate based mindfulness programs for organisational effectiveness. ​Connect with me on Linkedin

Qualifications : B.Com (Hons), Associate Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Mindful Schools Educator


Soulful parenting encourages parents to embrace conscious leadership of their own family. As motivated, effective leaders, we must be cognisant of our own biases, allow ourselves to be coached to uncover our perspectives, be encouraged to celebrate diversity and harness the strengths of each individual to build our dream team, our family.

As a like-minded community we can be supportive, empowering and more strategic in this effort. To remain committed to this responsibility can be challenging. Soulful parenting requires effort to re-wire ourselves to work in new territory, adopt new paradigms and rules.

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