PARENTING SYMPOSIUM 2017 – mindfulness and parenting

Invited as guest speaker at the Parenting Symposium Singapore 9 July 2017. I will be speaking on Mindfulness and Parenting – Empowering you from Within. Other amazing speakers:

Navigating Work and Parenting – Cheryl Liew-Chng CEO of LifeWorkz, Creator of The 24-Hour Woman

5 Things Parents need to STOP doing for their Kids – Sha-En Yeo founder of Positive Education & best-selling author of the book “Road to Success”

Parenting Framework for the 21st Century – Yen Lu Chow, Founder Over the Rainbow

Sunarto Quek – Awarding-winning educator and lecturer co-founder, 100 Voices

An opportunity for audience to interact with a panel of experts to discuss: 

Educating children: who’s job is it anyway?

What should be the KPIs for parenting in the 21st Century? 


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Our programs we offer include:

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Parenting Teens with Heartfulness Emotional resilience for parents. Daily mindfulness to survive parenting adolescents

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