Lead your child in goal setting

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” ― Dr. Seuss. The question is WHICH direction? The beginning of the academic term is a great opportunity for personal reflection and to look ahead to goals for the next few weeks.  How parents can prepare … Continue reading Lead your child in goal setting

Best friends, worst enemies – how to handle sibling rivalry

Sibling interaction is one of the first social contexts children encounter. Rivalry is often fueled by competition for attention from people that they regard as influential or significant, such as parents or caregivers. Over time, as their circle of influence widens, such behaviour extends to impressing their peers, and both physical and relational aggression are … Continue reading Best friends, worst enemies – how to handle sibling rivalry

Summer is here!

Striving to Love without condition Support without expectation Dream without promise Only expressing hope in quiet daily prayers Days brim with New knowledge Unfamiliar challenges Different experiences Gripping with each step Summoning patience Cheerleading with enthusiasm We are not there …. yet There is always more to overcome to accomplish to do We seem to … Continue reading Summer is here!

I will begin to trust you

I wrote this poem after I paused to reflect in mindfulness, to cultivate my ability to trust.  One afternoon, I was getting increasingly frustrated about the extended time one of my children was spending on the computer, in the name of homework and revision.  The conversation began with a casual reminder from me, to shut her laptop down once she … Continue reading I will begin to trust you


What does it mean? A chasm exists from where I am To where I want to be Vast with fear Wide with what-ifs Seemingly insurmountable Acceptance brandishes courage Imposes upon time Pleads forgiveness Implores non-judgement Articulates self-love Acceptance challenges beliefs Rocks foundations Shifts paradigms Reframes boundaries Manifests transformation Acceptance Is not resignation Is not surrender nor … Continue reading Acceptance

Fighting the Demon that Rises during Homework Watch

I sit in silence Duct tape over my mouth An invisible hand resting over my quickening heart Taking deep and deliberate breaths Trying hard to unclench my jaws Releasing my strained temples Softening the gaze of my enlarged eyes Unfurling my pleated brow An observer of procrastination I stop the words that are clamouring up … Continue reading Fighting the Demon that Rises during Homework Watch