Can Mindfulness Make you a Better Parent?

Mindfulness for parents is about being completely present to, aware of and accepting what is happening right now, without judgment or over-concern.

Parents race through days, planning ahead, anticipating issues, always on the move. Being mindful helps parents to stop, notice and appreciate the happy and joyful moments as they arise.

When parents are confronted with unexpected news or behaviour from a child, an effective mindfulness practice begins with taking three mindful breaths. This welcomes a purposeful pause and the letting go of an explosion of thoughts and projections of conflict. The contrast of immediate calmness, creates a space for parents to tap on their wisdom. To objectively select guiding strategies and respond more skillfully. This state often reduces incidences of regret or guilt from hasty reactions.

Applying mindfulness takes practice. Just as one needs regular physical exercise to increase physical fitness, mindfulness training improves mental and emotional resilience.

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SINGAPORE — Lately, the concept of mindfulness has gained traction, in line with an increased belief in the idea that we should be looking after not just out physical, but mental health, too. As with practices such as meditation and yoga, mindfulness reduces stress levels.

But can this concept be applied to the chaotic and often demanding world that is parenting?

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