Best friends, worst enemies – how to handle sibling rivalry

Sibling interaction is one of the first social contexts children encounter. Rivalry is often fueled by competition for attention from people that they regard as influential or significant, such as parents or caregivers. Over time, as their circle of influence widens, such behaviour extends to impressing their peers, and both physical and relational aggression are [...]

Passing Moments

Love yourself first, in that moment of anger, disappointment Treat yourself kindly, when you feel unhappy, hurt Let go of that overwhelm An out-breath, release For all is impermanent With a new breath, refresh Let insight arise When grounded in calm Gently choose your words Speak them aloud May these be wise and few For [...]

Can Mindfulness Make you a Better Parent?

Mindfulness for parents is about being completely present to, aware of and accepting what is happening right now, without judgment or over-concern. Parents race through days, planning ahead, anticipating issues, always on the move. Being mindful helps parents to stop, notice and appreciate the happy and joyful moments as they arise. When parents are confronted [...]