Advancing Meaningful Agendas

Doing our part through mindful consumption

With the children at school, I had a refreshing encounter with an old friend Subha, over tea a few months ago. We had met sixteen years ago through her husband, who was my work colleague. Years on, we had both given up our corporate lives to be stay at home mothers. While our lives were forever changed, our chosen responsibilities irreversible, we discussed how our ability to take action on varied demands had evolved, just as if we had pursued our corporate careers. As we debated the various alternative paths life could take going forward, we realised that whatever profession and passions we pursued needed to be more fulfilling than a day job. It would be inspired by a personal interest.

Today we have both found meaningful work. Mine is, amongst others, writing, life coaching and mentoring on mindfulness. As for Subha, she is a wealth manager for her family and hopes to make a positive difference through her passion for the environment and our Earth. She is an active volunteer with the People’s Movement to Stop Haze (PM.Haze) in Singapore and she shares her plea here for each of us to take action below:

Will You Take a Small Step?

The unrelenting and intense haze of last year spurred me to step up my involvement with environmental issues. On one of the days that the PSI (pollutant standards index which is a number used to indicate the level of pollutants in air) was over 300, which indicates the air quality is at a hazardous range, my sons asked me what we as adults were doing about this situation. I found out how I could do more and joined a local non-governmental organisation called PM.Haze. We are a small, passionate group of people living in Singapore, who believe “we are all responsible for the clean air we breathe.”

The choices we make as consumers and investors has a large impact on the planet, people and financial profits. The ever growing demand for paper, palm oil and timber is the primary reason for the haze and the environmental carnage in the region. At a side event to a UN Forum that I attended recently, I heard firsthand accounts of the suffering of women and children involved in the palm oil sector in Indonesia. It was heartbreaking.

Human greed and the quest for profits is taking balance and reasonableness out of the planet and its people. We can collectively make a difference through mindful consumption and investment. Small steps go a long way. Will you take a step today? Sign our online petition at  Let’s make a difference to our world together.

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