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Honeyjoys were something I learnt to bake as a child. It is a sweet, crunchy, indulgent treat I ate at celebrations, it is comfort food too, soothing moments of sadness or disappointment. It reminds me of childhood happiness, of children, family and love.

The writing I share here is about family, children, parenting and love.

I am passionate and emotional about life and its moments. I enjoy reflecting and listening for messages unspoken.

We all have personal trials and challenging moments. I choose to write positively about observations and experiences as they inspire me to be courageous and as I live in this world as “me”, as a friend, daughter, sister, wife and mother.

I share these with people I journey with, as I believe in the exchange of enlightened energy.

While we are each unique, it is in the openness of stories spoken or written that we are reminded of the magic of serendipity, our interconnectedness, of why we have been placed in each others’ lives.

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2 thoughts on “About Honeyjoys Soulful Parenting

  1. CARMEL BUCHAN says:

    Active and compassionate listening…what an insightful session. In this busy world we all have an issue with listening….not just as parents but with people we come in contact with in our everyday life. Zerlina lead the session in a beautiful, humble and relaxed fashion.



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