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My name is Zerlina. I enjoy listening and interacting with people. I began my professional career as a Chartered Accountant in finance and consulting roles that involved working with teams, engaging discussions and providing solutions to clients in Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Over twelve years ago I embraced a new role, as a mother. As parents, we are so personally vested in outcomes and therein lies the challenge. My stakeholders are now my family members. I work alone most days of the week. I sometimes miss having a project team to workshop ideas and to design solution roadmaps in my new role: parenting. Mothers groups and friends are my colleagues; meetings held over coffee and brief water cooler discussions at school pick up.

It took me several years to realise my innate sensitivity to an inner voice, ability to listen with compassion and commitment to personal growth was unique. Today I am an Associate of the International Coach Federation and Mindful Schools educator. I practice as a life and mindfulness coach. Apart from personalised coaching sessions, I lead workshops for adults and children in mindfulness and host monthly parent dialogue groups.

My family, our three children, have been my inspiration to explore, to be more mindful, and to be acutely aware of thoughts and intentions. This has been a blessed journey and I am grateful to have embraced this vocation as a coach www.zerlinasim.com. On this blog Honeyjoys Soulful Parenting, I share my stories and reflections.



Honeyjoys were something I learnt to bake as a child. It is a sweet, crunchy, indulgent treat I ate at celebrations, it is comfort food too, soothing moments of sadness or disappointment. It reminds me of childhood happiness, of children, family and love.

The writing I share here is about family, children, parenting and love.

I am passionate and emotional about life and its moments. I enjoy reflecting and listening for messages unspoken.

We all have personal trials and challenging moments. I choose to write positively about observations and experiences as they inspire me to be courageous and as I live in this world as “me”, as a friend, daughter, sister, wife and mother.

I share these with people I journey with, as I believe in the exchange of enlightened energy.

While we are each unique, it is in the openness of stories spoken or written that we are reminded of the magic of serendipity, our interconnectedness, of why we have been placed in each others’ lives.

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